Planned Publications
Iordachescu, I (2016, March) Who Makes Radio Spectrum Policy in the EU? The Role of Complementary Governance in the Management of Electronic Communications.

Iordachescu, I. (2016, May) The Missing Link? The Role of Transnational Private Associations in Telecommunications and Radio Spectrum Management.

Previous Publications
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Iordachescu, I. (2014) Governing Transnational Commons Through Strategic Associations: A Comparative Case of Radio Frequency Management in Europe, Official Conference Proceedings of the European Conference on Politics, Economics and Law 2014, pp. 1-14.

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Iordachescu, M., Iordachescu, G., Scutelnicu, E. and Iordachescu, I. (2008) Needs for LLL Improvements for Supporting Career Counselling for Self-Employment, 5th International Seminar of Quality Management in Higher Education.

Iordachescu, I. (2006) The Black Sea Region: Between Political Visions for Cooperation and a Fragmented Public Opinion, University of Bucharest Journal of International Politics 3, pp. 29-36.

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